Anytime Fitness Aeon Mall Tokoname store

Information about Trial Session

Anytime Fitness Aeon Mall Tokoname store offers a one-day Trial Session for those coming from overseas . Please read the usage instructions and be careful when using it.

About usage ]
- The one-day Trial Session is only available at Aeon Mall Tokoname store . 
・Usage hours are from 11:00 to 17:30 (leaving at 18:00)during staff hours . 
・The fee is ¥1,000 . 
・You can use the Trial Session as many times as you like. 
You will be required to present your identification documents, a passenger ticket or passport from overseas, and proof that you are coming from overseas. *If you cannot present it, you will not be able to experience the facility for one day.

Notes ]
- You can use the facility with shoes on. Please bring comfortable clothes and shoes for exercise.
・Please refrain from wearing any items that may damage the facilities or equipment, any items that may cause injury, or any clothing or footwear that the club deems inappropriate for exercise.

Other prohibitions ]
No throwing away of equipment, no loud voices, no nudity, no exposing tattoos, no eating, no talking on the phone in the training area, no smoking, no brushing teeth, be careful about taking pictures (to avoid showing other members) , prohibition of charging, etc.

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Let's create a comfortable home for you!

We look forward to welcoming many visitors from overseas!